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Roundtable Archives

Past Roundtable Discussions:

Spring 2022:

  • March 9: Matthew Pianalto, "Recent Debates about the Meaning of Life"
  • April 27: Mina Yazdani, "The Crucifixion of Jesus and the Unity of Religions"

Fall 2021:

  • Sept. 8: Mike Austin, "Humility & Civil Discourse"
  • Oct. 13: Tom Butler, "Finding God in a Poem: Gerard Manley Hopkins"
  • Nov. 10: Todd Gooch, "The Influence of Greek Philosophy on the Early Development of Christian Theology"

Spring 2021:

  • Feb. 17: What is Socialism? led by Dr. Jennifer Spock
  • Mar. 10: The Journey to Philosophy: Laura Newhart, Mike Austin, Todd Gooch, Gene Kleppinger, and Matthew Pianalto
  • Apr. 14: Fake News and Metaphysics led by Dr. Ron Messerich, retired EKU professor of philosophy.

Fall 2020:

  • Sept. 9: Stoic Philosophy & the Covid-19 Pandemic: Thriving in Times of Uncertainty (Drs. Mike Austin and Matt Pianalto)
  • Oct. 14: Lust and Sin in Abelard's Ethics (Dr. Steve Parchment)
  • Nov. 11: The Politics of Race and Beauty in Charleston, South Carolina (Dr. Todd Hartch)

Spring 2020:

  • Jan. 29: Eating Meat and Eating People (Dr. Matthew Pianalto)
  • Feb. 26: Living a Right Life: Hermits, Monks, and Laypeople (Dr. Jennifer Spock)

Fall 2019:

  • Aug. 28: The Myth of Sisyphus Revisited (Dr. Matthew Pianalto)
  • Sept. 25: What's Wrong with Moral Relativism? (Dr. Mike Austin)
  • Oct. 30: Is Trump Conservative? (And what, by the way, is conservatism?) (Dr. Joshua Lynn)
  • Nov. 20: Leviathan and the Air-Pump (Dr. Tim Smit)

Fall 2018-Spring 2019:

  • September: The Paradox of Socrates (Dr. Matt Pianalto)
  • October: The Critique of Religion in 19th-Century German Philosophy (Dr. Todd Gooch)
  • November: Ancient Skeptics (Dr. Ron Messerich)
  • February 6: Is There a Moral Right to Own a Gun? (Dr. Mike Austin)
  • February 27: The Ethics of Ticket Scalping (Dr. Laura Newhart)
  • March 27: Cosmopolitanism, Pluralism, and Human Dignity (Dr. Ron Messerich)
  • April 24: Why Did Buddha and Jesus Die? (Dr. Abraham Velez)
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