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Roundtable Series: Sentient Artificial Intelligence and Personhood

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Led by Gene Kleppinger and Laura Newhart: Is it possible for advanced forms of Artificial Intelligence to be recognized as sentient persons? What kinds of sentient behavior are being observed? What makes a being a person? If some forms of AI are persons, what are our moral obligations to them in terms of how we treat them? If some forms of AI are persons, is there a danger that they will come to mistreat us? Do we need some ethical, legal, and/or technical ways to regulate the relations between AI and human persons to resolve these potential conflicts? Given recent claims by Google engineer Blake Lemoine that the interface LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) chatbot has feelings, these questions are more pressing than ever. Please join us for an interactive exploration of these issues.

Drs. Kleppinger and Newhart encourage attendees to read this news story before attending: "Google Engineer Suspended After Claiming AI Chatbot Has Feelings"

This event will take place on Wednesday, September 28, 3:30pm-4:30pm in the Main Library, Room 208.

Please direct any questions to the series organizer: (Phone: 859-622-2979)

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