The Department of Philosophy & Religion at EKU offers a major in philosophy, and three distinct minors in philosophy, religion, and applied ethics. (See Degree Requirements more information.)

The Philosophy & Religion faculty regularly teach courses that contribute to other programs at EKU, including: Honors, Women & Gender Studies, African-American StudiesAnimal Studies, and the Environmental Sustainability & Stewardship minor.

The department offers writing-intensive courses as part of the Thinking & Communicating Across the Curriculum (TCAC) program, which supports the objectives of EKU’s Quality Enhancement Program (QEP). The goal of the QEP is “to develop informed, critical, and creative thinkers who communicate effectively.”

The faculty are strongly committed to preparing students across the many disciplines at EKU to think and write critically about fundamental questions concerning reality, knowledge, and values. We also seek to foster appreciation of the history of philosophical ideas and religious worldviews and practices, and to connect philosophical and religious theory with contemporary ethical and social issues. Everyone asks philosophical and religious questions at one time or another. The faculty look forward to engaging with students in their quests for knowledge and understanding.